If you have decided to invest your time and talent in developing an application for the iOS platform, then you should know this is bound to be a rewarding experience. There have been hundreds and thousands of application developers, who have invested their blood and sweat and offered their app to the App Store. Financial and professional gains are huge from this endeavor. The Apple moderators have strict requirements for the developers to follow in order for the application to get selected. The process of adhering to the guidelines will help you avoid the issues you might face while submitting the application. The moderators are in charge of rejecting an application. Following are the iOS Mobile Applications Requirements from AppStore Moderators.

Terms and conditions

Apple lays down a program License agreement, which you have to accept as a developer of the application store. The Human Interface Guidelines are included in the license.


The following set of guidelines will improve your chances of being accepted in the application store.

  • Apps which crash are discarded.
  • Apps exhibiting bugs are discarded.
  • Apps which include hidden or undocumented features which are not mentioned in the description of the app will be discarded.
  • Apps which are inconsistent in terms of performance will be discarded.
  • The apps that use the on-public API’s will be discarded.
  • The Beta apps that follow the Test Flight Guidelines will only be accepted.
  • The apps that are duplicates of the apps in the App Store like burp, fart, Kama sutra and flashlight apps will be discarded.
  • The apps that require web browsing will be developed using iOS Web Kit and Web kit JavaScript framework.


  • The apps that do not obtain the consent of the user before transmitting, collecting and using location data will be repudiated.
  • The apps that use the location based API’s for the automatic control of the vehicles, flights or other vehicles will be automatically repudiated.
  • The apps which use the location based API’s in emergency situations will be repudiated immediately.
  • The apps can only use the location data when it is relevant to the services and the features which are provided by the app to its under or in order to support the approved uses for advertising.

Intellectual property rights

  • The apps that require music or video files to be downloaded from third party apps such as YouTube, Soundcloud, etc., without the explicit authorization form the app, will be discarded.
  • The apps that misspell the names of the Apple products inside their application will be discarded immediately.
  • The Apps being submitted are not allowed to use the names or trademarks from third parties without the explicit authorization.
  • The apps stating that Apple endorses this application, will be discarded.

Personal attacks

  • Any app which is defamatory, mean-spirited or offensive, and is likely to cause harm to the targeted group or the individual, will be repudiated.
  • The political satirists and comedians are exempted from the ban on mean spirited type commentary.

While developing apps, discretion should be maintained. The apps should be submitted in accordance with the iOS Mobile Applications Requirements from AppStore Moderators.