The answer to the question why it’s essential to create high-quality software is logical and understandable for all parties of the development process.
Obviously, any customer wants to get a high-quality software product that meets all the established requirements, is possibly cheaper and delivered at the allocated time, so as to prevent future maintenance costs, problem search, errors, etc. On the other hand, software developers are seeking to perform their work on time and with maximum quality, in order to reduce their costs for the warranty period. Therefore, both parties of the software development process pursue at least two identical objectives: to deliver the software product on time and to achieve the highest possible quality of software. Read more

Software Quality Assurance (also abbreviated as SQA), can be defined as a systematic process which ensures that the developed software meets and complies with the standardized quality specifications. It keenly checks the adherence to the software product standards, procedures and processes all throughout the software development life cycle and also the test cycle. The evaluation is done through product evaluation, process monitoring, project management, and more. Read more

Software application developers have to focus on security testing crucially in today’s web world, since more and more people everyday have integrated Internet and software into their daily life. Whether it is mobile, computer software, monitoring system or even airplane, everything requires software to perform their rudimentary functions. Although most of your software users may not know much about software security, it is absolutely necessary for you to perform software security testing as a software provider in order to protect your software, as well as your clients, from illegal malicious activities by hackers and pranksters.
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