If you have decided to invest your time and talent in devel­oping an appli­cation for the iOS platform, then you should know this is bound to be a rewarding experience. There have been hundreds and thousands of appli­cation devel­opers, who have invested their blood and sweat and offered their app to the App Store. Financial and profes­sional gains are huge from this endeavor. The Apple moder­ators have strict require­ments for the devel­opers to follow in order for the appli­cation to get selected. The process of adhering to the guide­lines will help you avoid the issues you might face while submitting the appli­cation. The moder­ators are in charge of rejecting an appli­cation. Following are the iOS Mobile Appli­ca­tions Require­ments from AppStore Moderators.
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