Every software development company out there knows, that no matter how polished your internal processes are, things never go as expected. Software development is one of the most challenging and at the same time compet­itive indus­tries today.

So naturally, every major business in this field strives to improve its produc­tivity and optimize workflows to overcome most common challenges.

But what exactly are those challenges?

  1. Assem­bling requirements

Poorly defined require­ments come down to simple “Garbage in. Garbage out”. The diffi­culty in require­ments gathering almost always associated with miscom­mu­ni­cation between client and software development vendor.

Sometimes the client lacks certain technical expertise and therefore puts in front overly-optimistic expec­ta­tions. Sometimes software devel­opers cannot translate techno­logical limita­tions into business perspective. Regardless of why it happens, made-project changes in require­ments always cause delays, revisions and additional expenses.

  1. Estimation & roadmap planning

Estimation of cost and clear planning happens at the very early stages of product lifecycle. And we all know that it is impos­sible to account for every­thing. It’s always a difficult task when you have to explain to the client that some deadline needs to be extended. So it’s very important to establish maximum trans­parency between two parties and keep commu­ni­cation lines on at all times.

  1. Staying on top of the technology

This one is a clear respon­si­bility of software development company. Staying on top of tech trends and be able to accom­modate most innov­ative business requests is very important because the technology changes at a rapid pace. That is why it falls down on companies to contin­u­ously educate their employees and make sure that they as a business stay competitive.

  1. Multiple testing & QA iterations

The best companies in software development sector have realized long ago that Testing and QA should never come as an after­thought or post-production process. Various itera­tions of testing need to occur throughout the project cycle. 

And when you inves­tigate the entire system, there will be bugs found. Many times the problem needs to be isolated to let the rest of the project move on. But in some cases, it is simply impos­sible and you reach a complete roadblock that slows down the development time.

IntechCore Software Development Services

Only by employing innov­ative method­ology in managing remote teams and staying on top of trends can software development company survive in the compet­itive market. Here at IntechCore, we structure our internal workflows deliver excep­tional results, infor­mation security and increased productivity.

Every day we work towards overcoming industry’s biggest challenges and deliv­ering our customers the excep­tional-quality software. We pride ourselves on succeeding in most demanding projects through continuous monitoring of progress, cost, and delivery.