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GSMA Mobile World Congress 2017

GSMA Mobile World Congress 2017 on Twitter. Mobile World Congress is the world’s biggest and best mobile industry event comprising of a massive exhibition, an award-winning conference, amazing networking opportunities, partner programmes, the Glomo Awards, 4YFN and much, much more. A B2B event for anyone and everyone in mobile and those in adjacent industries who […]

Benefits of Creating Quality Software

The answer to the question why it’s essential to create high-quality software is logical and understandable for all parties of the development process. Obviously, any customer wants to get a high-quality software product that meets all the established requirements, is possibly cheaper and delivered at the allocated time, so as to prevent future maintenance costs, […]

The Role of Strategic Planning in Software Development

At the present day, technology is the backbone of virtually everything we do. From simple personal tasks to complex industrial processes, we are relying on software to get fast, accurate and reliable results. In this digital era applications are helping us manage business, socialize, communicate, automate business processes, increase productivity, enhance security and much more, […]

A Closer Look at the Security and Reliability of Software

The modern world is a place where software and devices are part of our everyday lives. Software is everywhere — institutions, offices, factories, our homes, cities and virtual space. Advancement of technology and development of Internet of Things (IoT) is the main force behind the approach of doing things shifting from the traditional way to […]


Planned and Designed IT Solutions

As the years go by, the mankind continues to evolve, and the world modernizes itself and its cultures increasingly. In order to keep up with the swiftly shifting tides and to continue to appeal to and reach consumers and customers across the globe, businesses and companies need to adapt to changes in the technological environment. […]

Software Development Process

Nowadays the world is moving to automation. For the automation to work, software is being implemented in almost every part of modern day life. You will find several software systems which have been designed to solve different problems. Each time engineers identify a problem in the society, they will try to solve it using computers.

Initial Stages of Software Design

Understanding initial stages of software design is very important not only for software company owners, but for the professionals who don’t have a background in software design, but still want to create a software design themselves. This means, those who are part of the software development, must know the basics and initial stages of software […]

Key Aspects of IT Outsourcing

In today’s business world outsourcing have become a popular concept that enhances the performance of organizations by unburdening their resourses, reducing costs and at the same time achieving better results faster. Outsourcing has impacted all industries and organizations, small or large. IT industry is one of the industries benefiting from outsourcing due to the nature […]

Methods of Product IT consulting

There are several methods of product IT consulting, by applying which the consultants will collect and analyze data on your company’s operation, and advice on the best ways to improve your business performance.

Workflows in Your Business

Workflows consist of a number of repetitive tasks in a business. As an entrepreneur, you need to invest in efficient systems which will help you run the workflows, so that the project is completed in time. Through workflow automation the software will help you handle the workflow, hence saving you time which you will use […]