The Plugin Manager for Polarion (ALM): Enhancing Efficiency and Insight 

By Intechcore GmbH and Garantis IT Solutions Ltd.


In the fast-paced world of software development, efficient management of tools and exten­sions is crucial. Enter the Plugin Manager for Polarion (ALM)—a powerful solution designed to streamline the admin­is­tration and enhance the function­ality of Polarion Server. In this article, we delve into the key features, technology stack, and benefits of this innov­ative project.

Project Overview

Project Subject

The Plugin Manager for Polarion (ALM) focuses on managing exten­sions within the Polarion ecosystem. It aims to simplify the instal­lation, monitoring, and mainte­nance of these critical components.

Project Duration

From November to December 2023, a dedicated team of three—comprising a product owner and skilled developers—worked diligently to bring this project to life.


The project emerged as an independent initiative following the successful extension project in 2023. Recog­nizing the need for a centralized management tool, the team embarked on creating the Plugin Manager.

System Require­ments and Adoption

To harness the benefits of the Plugin Manager, ensure the following prerequisites:

  • Polarion Version: Compatible with Polarion 22R2 and newer.
  • Operating Systems: Supported on both Windows and Linux platforms.

Technology Stack

The Plugin Manager leverages a robust technology stack, combining the strengths of various tools and frameworks:

  1. Java: The core language for devel­oping the Plugin Manager, Java ensures relia­bility, scala­bility, and cross-platform compatibility.
  2. Rest API: The Plugin Manager commu­ni­cates seamlessly with Polarion Server using RESTful APIs. This enables real-time data exchange and efficient extension management.
  3. Svelte: The frontend of the Plugin Manager is built using Svelte—a light­weight JavaScript framework. Its reactive nature and component-based archi­tecture enhance user experience.

Key Features

1. Visibility of Installed Extensions

The heart of the Plugin Manager lies in its ability to provide a detailed overview of all exten­sions installed on the Polarion Server. Admin­is­trators can easily track function­al­ities, assess compat­i­bility, and manage exten­sions from a centralized dashboard.

2. Extension Status Monitoring

Real-time updates are essential for smooth opera­tions. The Plugin Manager keeps admin­is­trators informed about the opera­tional status of each extension. Whether an extension is active or requires attention, the dashboard provides clear insights.

3. Compre­hensive System Infor­mation (Server)

Efficient server management begins with under­standing its health. The Plugin Manager displays vital system infor­mation, including memory usage, CPU load, and available disk space. Admins can proac­tively optimize server perfor­mance based on these metrics.

4. Detailed Polarion System Insights

For Polarion-specific details, the Plugin Manager offers deeper insights. From config­u­ration specifics to memory utilization within the Polarion environment, admin­is­trators gain valuable data. Additionally, monitoring log file sizes aids troubleshooting and ensures system stability.

Obstacles and Challenges

  1. Role Access Correc­tions: The team acknowl­edges the need for fine-tuning role-based access controls. Future updates will address this aspect to enhance security and usability.
  2. Polarion Log File Analyzer: While the Plugin Manager excels in system insights, adding a log file analyzer would further empower admin­is­trators in troubleshooting and optimization.

Advan­tages for Admin­is­trators and End-Users

  1. Time Savings: The Plugin Manager signif­i­cantly reduces the time spent analyzing slow system perfor­mance. Admin­is­trators can swiftly retrieve infor­mation about installed exten­sions and assess their availability.
  2. Visibility and Acces­si­bility: With a centralized dashboard, admin­is­trators gain a compre­hensive view of all exten­sions. This trans­parency ensures efficient management and informed decision-making.

Customer Feedback

One of our esteemed customers exclaimed, “What an amazing extension!” Their positive reaction validates the Plugin Manager’s impact and motivates us to continue refining and expanding its capabilities.


The Plugin Manager for Polarion (ALM) empowers organi­za­tions to maximize their investment in Polarion Server. By simpli­fying extension management and providing crucial system insights, it contributes to a more efficient and reliable ALM environment. As software landscapes evolve, tools like the Plugin Manager become indis­pensable for success.

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