A programming language refers to a set of instruc­tions, commands as well as other syntax utilized to construct a software program. It is a set and vocab­ulary of grammatical rules which are intended to instruct a computer to carry out some specific tasks. 

Based on fact-findings, one of the most essential skills to learn in our present-day world is to know how to write appro­pri­ately a computer program. Currently, computers are being utilized in almost every company. This is because they are exceed­ingly beneficial in matters pertaining assisting a firm to scale up accord­ingly. This makes the need to learn programming languages come handy. 

However, the market niche for programming language is filled with a wide array of language options. Therefore, it is vital you do your homework accord­ingly so that you can know the kind of programming language that will be helpful with your needs before you start learning any. Here are some of the top-notch programming languages to learn in 2019:

Which Programming Language to Learn in 2019

1: Java

Java is a programming language that is mostly utilized in large insti­tu­tions and its effec­tiveness has made it stand the taste of time. This kind of programming language is widely utilized for constructing enter­prise-scale website appli­ca­tions. One of the inordinate features related to using Java is that it is exceed­ingly stable; a factor that has contributed to majority of the large enter­prises to adopt it.

If you are hunting for a development based work at a large insti­tution, it is recom­mended you consider learning Java. 

#2: JavaScript

JavaScript which is also called the fronted programming language is commonly utilized for designing inter­active frontend appli­ca­tions. A good example of JavaScript language include, when a person clicks a button on a computer that opens up a pop-up. In case of this scenario, the logic is executed through JavaScript. 

3: Swift

Swift is a programming language which is mainly used for devel­oping iOS appli­ca­tions. It is a kind of programming language that is considered an ideal option to learn since the popularity of iOS based gadgets is increasing each and every day. For instance, iPhone has managed to occupy a huge market share and thus giving Android a stiff compe­tition. Therefore, if you desire to serve this market niche, it is advisable you consider learning Swift programming. 

4: PHP

PHP is amongst the most famous programming languages that cannot be accessed directly by a computer user. Though most people consider it a nasty language, it is very easy to learn PHP. If you desire working at an old insti­tution as a backend computer developer, it is vital you consider leaning PHP programming.

5: R

R is a programming language commonly utilized for Machine Learning and Data Analysis. It is a programming language that can provide a great framework as well as built-in libraries for devel­oping strong Machine Learning algorithms. 

R can also be used for statis­tical computing and is an appro­priate language for those people who want to work as analytics in large institutions.

Bottom Line

Since nothing comes easy, make sure you put a lot of effort by researching exten­sively in your attempt to be more knowl­edgeable and informed about the afore­men­tioned programming languages. This will help you become a pro at using them and thus benefit from what they offer in the job market.