In today’s world where the information technology and companies are inseparable, the role of an IT consultant becomes very significant. In this regard, it is important to have a clear idea about their roles and responsibilities and what are their deliverables as far as customers are concerned. The starting point is to understand that companies hire IT consultants to give a push to automation to the maximum possible extent, after taking into account specifics. They play a big role in integrating IT services to the core business objectives of the clients for whom they are working. Hence, the tasks of an IT consultant are multifarious and cannot be looked at from the narrow prism of automation and computerization alone.

Consulting Stakeholders and Coming Out with an Action Plan

The starting point as far as the functions and responsibilities of any IT consultant is to sit down with all the stakeholders and understand their requirements. Once they have gone through this process, their job is to clearly define the objectives of the IT project that they will be taking up. It would also call for making changes to some process flow keeping the automated environment into account. Any movement from a manual process to an automated environment would have to be gradual. However, it is likely that any experienced IT consultant would be able to give a benchmark budget required to get the job done. This would include the information system requirements, human resources and various other related matters.

Recommendation Is Also an Important Assignment

It also would be pertinent to mention here that a good IT consultant is one who makes workable and implementable recommendations after taking the ground realities into account. It may not be always possible to move to a 100% automated state, when things are being moved from scratch. Hence, he or she would have to go through the entire process flow thoroughly and then recommend what he thinks would be in the best interest of the customers.

Information Gathering

Giving the right information and feedback to their clients is perhaps the most vital task of an IT consultant. The information may have to be sourced internally and externally. This would call for understanding the various procedures and processes internally. The same may need to be benchmarked to what competition is offering. Hence, this would also require gathering information from competitors who are into similar line of business activities. This is a time consuming and laborious process, and the information has to be precise, accurate and helpful for the customers to take the right decision.

Implementation, Training, Handholding

Once the basics have been established, the next job is to get into the process of putting the objectives in place. It would call having the right human resources to implement what has been agreed upon. This would call for training the employees and other stakeholders of the clients. There also would be the need to hand-hold the end users so as to make the best use of such automation processes.