There are many roles a developer might be entitled to while working on an IT project. Once you decide to become a developer, you should learn how to tackle your roles well in order to succeed in your project. There are several software systems in the IT field which you can use to manage your project role easily; you should take your time and decide on the best software which will make your work easier.

Roles of developers in IT project are following:

1. Project Design and Development
When you are hired by a customer, there are some designs which the customer will require you to fulfill. It will be your responsibility as a developer to come up with the design specifications which will meet your customer’s needs.

2. Work with Managers to Develop Project Plans
All projects start with planning and budgeting. You should always ensure you are working with a budget which will be suitable. You should involve the manager at all stages to help you deliver the best plan.

3. Coordination
Coordination is very vital for the success of any project. It will be the role of the developer to cooperate with management to draft adequate contractual documents and project proposals.

4. Tracking Project Progress
It will be among the roles of developers for some IT projects to ensure they always track the progress. By tracking the progress the developers will always know when the project is going to experience delays, and will be able to recommend the best solution against it.

5. Ensure Project is Accomplished in Good Time
The developers will carry out regular assessment to ensure the project is accomplished within the allocated time. The customers will require their project to be completed in a certain period of time. It will be upon the developers to ensure the project has been carried out in the stipulated time. In case there is any delay, the developers should look for ways of compensating for the delays.

6. Ensure Project Follows the Safety Regulations of the Company
The company will have to set certain safety regulations as a way to improve the working conditions of employees. It will be the role of the developers to ensure the company policies put in place as a way of fostering safety are followed.

7. Recommending New Technologies
There are new technologies which will improve the performance of the company. It is the role of the project developers to carry out research and learn the new technologies, after which they will recommend them to the company management for possible consideration.

8. Develop Cost Reduction Initiatives
There are some techniques which can be used to reduce cost of the operation of the company. The developers will be tasked with carrying out research to learn the best cost reduction strategies. In order to ensure smooth running of the company, the developers will also inspire each other to solve problems for the success of the organization. This includes holding seminars where they will share knowledge with each other.