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The Document Management Systems

The Intechcore Company has vast many years’ experience in design and development of the document management systems (DMS). We are the first-hand programmers of the «web sta-Pflege». Since 2008, we have delivered a full range of services associated with the development and support of the document management systems for the General Attorney’s Department of Bavaria in close cooperation with the government bodies of Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rheinland-Palatinate, Saar, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia.

General Attorney's Department of Bavaria

The DMS system has been specifically produced to work with the juridical data in XML file and is currently supporting working with all documents types. To date, the system has been installed in all the General Land Attorney’s Departments of Germany, which are participating in this project, and contains gigabytes of data and over ten millions of documents.

Document management systems have skyrocketed in popularity and are becoming an absolute must for any business as they can immensely improve efficiency, provide peace of mind with security qualities and data recovery. These user friendly computer based systems track, store and manage documents and images of paper based information through the use of a document scanner. It incorporates content and capture document repositories, output systems, workflow and information retrieval systems. In the case of Document Locator, it includes electronic images, documents, computer files, email messages and scanned paper documents.

How Do Document Management Systems Work?
Today it is possible to have the right information at the right time in the right place with the help of Document Management Software. All the information is already available in electronic form- such as word files and email, and also in the typical paper based form. This software stores these documents in a central archive that is accessible to everyone through the network. Starting with the creation of data to the type of document and the complete text content, every single piece of information is safely stored in the database. The software later finds these documents at any time based on the stored data.

Benefits of Document Management Systems
. Productivity and efficiency in organizations and business processes.
. Documents can be assessed quickly and remotely.
. Repeatability and consistency of business operations.
. Compliance with quality, regulatory and legal requirements.
. Cost effective and elimination of storage fees, shipping and paper based costs.
. Efficient and faster process cycle times.
. Improved business planning.
. Restores data and information in case of accidental loss or any other mishap.
. Benefits of complete text search capabilities and data complete text indexing.
. A complete backup of entire document database.

Therefore to have an effective paperless business, you must implement document management system to manage all the important office documents.

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