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Our portfolio of servicescovers almost all of the technologies and methods of software development.


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Software Development

In software development, we will work both locally and remotely with you –
as you wish.


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We use real models of outsourcing, in which the development of software
in Eastern Europe.


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Custom office application
Software development, support and optimization
IT consulting and IT outsourcing
Document management system (DMS) and Textsystem software

Welcome! Intechcore GmbH is the specialist in document management systems (DMS),text systems, document generation and processing, as well as optimization and development of software, IT consulting and IT outsourcing.

With our intelligent document management system (dms) and text systems including document generation, as well as broad know-how and many years of experience in optimization, development and refinement of software, IT consulting and IT outsourcing, we improve and sustain the quality of your software system, regardless of its current condition. And thus contribute significantly to optimizing and securing your performance.
The Intechcore GmbH, based in Munich was founded in 2008.

Our customers include well-known names from the countries official administration and the private sector.