Most busi­nes­ses and orga­niz­a­ti­ons will typi­cal­ly use some form of soft­ware during their life cycle. The type of soft­ware used depends on the needs of the busi­ness or orga­niz­a­ti­on. Alt­hough the soft­ware can be bought ‘off-the-shelf’, the­re are many bene­fits asso­cia­ted with choo­sing cus­tom soft­ware for your business.

5 Rea­sons to Choo­se Cus­tom Software

1. It is crea­ted just for you
Deve­lo­ping cus­tom soft­ware is a bes­po­ke, which means the app­li­ca­ti­ons and pro­grams will be ent­i­re­ly tailor-made for your com­pa­ny. You tailor its fea­tures to your exact requi­re­ments and deci­de exact­ly what it does and how it works. Off-the-shelf soft­ware may not be able to exact­ly read your mind, and you may need to adapt your work pro­cess to fit the packa­ge. The soft­ware may also bloat your sys­tem with fea­tures you don’t real­ly need. Basi­cal­ly, a pie­ce of cus­tom made soft­ware has the poten­ti­al to ful­fill your spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons; it is easy to use and can be deploy­ed throughout your ent­i­re organization.

2. Cus­tom soft­ware is secure

The rea­dy-made soft­ware packa­ges avail­ab­le for busi­ness and orga­niz­a­ti­ons are secu­re. Howe­ver, they can’t com­pa­re to secu­ri­ty levels of cus­to­mi­zed soft­ware. This is becau­se cus­to­mi­zed soft­ware has been crea­ted for your com­pa­ny, mea­ning it will only be used by indi­vi­du­als in your com­pa­ny. When you deve­lop your own soft­ware, you will be given admi­nis­tra­tor rights to the soft­ware. This means you can chan­ge and store pro­files and pass­words accord­ing to your own inter­nal data pro­tec­tion poli­ci­es. Moreo­ver, cus­to­mi­zed soft­ware used on the web is also a lot har­der to hack than the stan­dard, off-the-shelf software.

3. Cus­tom soft­ware adds future flexibility

The way you use a soft­ware in your orga­niz­a­ti­on and busi­ness may chan­ge over time. With a cus­to­mi­zed packa­ge, you can adapt it quick­ly to meet any chan­ges in your busi­ness. You can update and mani­pu­la­te con­ti­nent as you wish. This sca­la­bi­li­ty is not typi­cal­ly avail­ab­le with off-the-shelf packa­ges, and even if it is, you still have no con­trol over whe­ther deve­lo­pers will make the upgrades you need in time. When you run your own pro­gram, you also avoid issu­es with obso­le­scence. A deve­lo­per may deci­de to with­draw pro­ducts or stop upgrading, for­cing you to find other new solutions.

4. You main­tain con­trol and ownership

One of the most important rea­sons to choo­se cus­tom soft­ware is the fact that you get all the rights to the soft­ware packa­ge. Once you have paid for the pro­duct, you can make as many copies as you need, and use it for as many employees as you need. If you deve­lop a sys­tem that gives you a busi­ness advan­ta­ge, you don’t have to share the advan­ta­ge with any of your com­pe­ti­tors. Kee­ping con­trol over the soft­ware mini­mi­zes issu­es with bugs and, in case of a pro­blem, you deal with the pro­blem yourself. If you have issu­es with off-the-shelf soft­ware, you have to rely on the deve­lo­per for help.

5. Cus­tom soft­ware is cost-effective

Alt­hough the initi­al cost of off-the-shelf soft­ware may seem che­a­per, paying for a cus­to­mi­zed soft­ware may be a bet­ter long-term invest­ment. When you get your own soft­ware, you don’t need ongo­ing licen­sing, upgrade and other sup­port cos­ts. You will use exis­ting sys­tem resour­ces more effi­ci­ent­ly. Apart from this, if you build a soft­ware that meets your exact needs and requi­re­ments, and it adap­ts quick­ly to your busi­ness, your staff will be able to do their jobs more effec­tively. In the long run, this incre­a­ses effi­ci­en­cy and pro­duc­ti­vi­ty of the ent­i­re business.