Most businesses and organi­za­tions will typically use some form of software during their life cycle. The type of software used depends on the needs of the business or organi­zation. Although the software can be bought ‘off-the-shelf’, there are many benefits associated with choosing custom software for your business.

5 Reasons to Choose Custom Software

1. It is created just for you
Devel­oping custom software is a bespoke, which means the appli­ca­tions and programs will be entirely tailor-made for your company. You tailor its features to your exact require­ments and decide exactly what it does and how it works. Off-the-shelf software may not be able to exactly read your mind, and you may need to adapt your work process to fit the package. The software may also bloat your system with features you don’t really need. Basically, a piece of custom made software has the potential to fulfill your speci­fi­ca­tions; it is easy to use and can be deployed throughout your entire organization.

2. Custom software is secure

The ready-made software packages available for business and organi­za­tions are secure. However, they can’t compare to security levels of customized software. This is because customized software has been created for your company, meaning it will only be used by individuals in your company. When you develop your own software, you will be given admin­is­trator rights to the software. This means you can change and store profiles and passwords according to your own internal data protection policies. Moreover, customized software used on the web is also a lot harder to hack than the standard, off-the-shelf software.

3. Custom software adds future flexibility

The way you use a software in your organi­zation and business may change over time. With a customized package, you can adapt it quickly to meet any changes in your business. You can update and manip­ulate continent as you wish. This scala­bility is not typically available with off-the-shelf packages, and even if it is, you still have no control over whether devel­opers will make the upgrades you need in time. When you run your own program, you also avoid issues with obsoles­cence. A developer may decide to withdraw products or stop upgrading, forcing you to find other new solutions.

4. You maintain control and ownership

One of the most important reasons to choose custom software is the fact that you get all the rights to the software package. Once you have paid for the product, you can make as many copies as you need, and use it for as many employees as you need. If you develop a system that gives you a business advantage, you don’t have to share the advantage with any of your competitors. Keeping control over the software minimizes issues with bugs and, in case of a problem, you deal with the problem yourself. If you have issues with off-the-shelf software, you have to rely on the developer for help.

5. Custom software is cost-effective

Although the initial cost of off-the-shelf software may seem cheaper, paying for a customized software may be a better long-term investment. When you get your own software, you don’t need ongoing licensing, upgrade and other support costs. You will use existing system resources more efficiently. Apart from this, if you build a software that meets your exact needs and require­ments, and it adapts quickly to your business, your staff will be able to do their jobs more effec­tively. In the long run, this increases efficiency and produc­tivity of the entire business.