Defin­ition of the term “Proof of Concept”

Before talking about the use of Proof of Concept in Software Development let’s talk about the Proof of Concept in general.

The Proof of Concept is usually a process of verifi­cation if certain ideas or methods are viable. The Proof of Concept usually is kept incom­plete and small for cost and time efficiency goals.

Reasons to use Proof of Concept by Software Developers

Early Development Cycle

A Proof of Concept can generally be used in early development cycle of a software or to sell the concept of the software. Validation of technical feasi­bility, identi­fi­cation of the possible expec­ta­tions from a platform, identi­fi­cation of potential stumbling blocks and deter­mi­nation of the scope and customization level required neces­sarily to complete a project are some of the concepts of early development cycle of a software where PoC can be used.

Perfor­mance Issues Identification

Software devel­opers can also use PoC to identify perfor­mance issues of the project. These days most of the software devel­opers assemble various appli­ca­tions and solutions by using the functions and services offered by other appli­ca­tions and using certain integration methods. These integration methods are used in the overall context of the software to test them with trial products. It also helps in validating the assump­tions regarding the possi­bil­ities provided by the framework or platform.

In this way the results provided by the use of Proof of Concept include the confi­dence factors of technical feasi­bility along with the factors influ­encing the overall estimate of the efforts as well as the scope of efforts.

Tips to create an effective Proof of Concept Project

While creating an effective PoC Project you need to prepare documents similar to tradi­tional Software Development project  covering the functional and technical require­ments. Here are few tips below:

  • The software devel­opers who are going to use Proof of Concept to develop their Software later should prepare and display the same archi­tecture in the PoC project
  • If security is one of the main issues for a project then there shall be concept shall include a member area GUI with a login screen
  • All necessary menus and tabs including search, home-page with logo and the links for the other sub-functions of the project shall be included in the concept
  • The devel­opers can use different pages to show the interface of the PoC project after login depending on the roles of the users
  • Include a dashboard UI if required for PoC
  • PoC can be used to show the scope of inter­linking of one or two pages or modules. Make sure only the most important sections of the appli­cation are included
  • Create a sample report with an exciting UI to illus­trate the processes and KPIs
  • Include a sample graph, if your project is aimed to use graphs

Creating PoC Documentation

The entire design of the software should be also thoroughly explained in the documen­tation of you PoC. Following points with brief description can be included in PoC documentation.

  • The details of archi­tecture to be used in software development
  • The third party tools and all the technologies to be used in software development can be added to this documen­tation, explaining the reasons of choosing them
  • All the modules to be developed can be included in PoC documen­ta­tions with brief details of its functionality
  • The methods used for ensuring the security of the project can also be included in this documentation.
  • Each and every menu used in the PoC project can also be explained in it.

How Intechcore can help

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