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What is the best programming language to learn in 2019?

A programming language refers to a set of instructions, commands as well as other syntax utilized to construct a software program. It is a set and vocabulary of grammatical rules which are intended to instruct a computer to carry out some specific tasks. Based on fact-findings, one of the most essential skills to learn in […]

A Checklist for Proof of Concept in Software Development

Nowadays, the proof of concept (POC) has become more or less a standard procedure in most software development companies. POC is used to assess the viability of a product in a real market environment, where true business needs exist. In one of our previous articles, we’ve already covered how to structure POC and what goes […]

The List of Top 4 Issues that Occur in Software Development

Every software development company out there knows, that no matter how polished your internal processes are, things never go as expected. Software development is one of the most challenging and at the same time competitive industries today. So naturally, every major business in this field strives to improve its productivity and optimize workflows to overcome […]

Inside the Preliminary Project Assessment for IT

What is the Purpose of Preliminary Project Assessment The preliminary project assessment (PPA) is the process that is aimed at evaluating the technical requirements and approximating the cost of a given project. Besides these estimations, PPA’s goal is to answer some of the key business questions that arise before the development even starts: How can […]