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Software Development

Individually. Comprehensively. Secure.
During the software systems development we work with you locally and/or remotely – at customer’s option.
We offer:

  • IT projects management and coordination
  • Development of software and prototypes
  • Vulnerability components identification and analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Test concepts development
  • Re-design, revision and maintenance
  • Software tuning and upgrading

Optimization levels

It includes the following levels:

Design level

This is the highest level and it can be optimized in order to use the available resources in the right and best manner. To add on that also, the implementation of this particular design will in turn benefit from the good selection of efficient and recommended algorithms. The selection of algorithms normally affects the efficiency than any other available item of the set design.

Source code level

In order to improve the performance, it is usually necessary to avoid poor quality coding. This can be done by avoiding the common slowdowns.

Build level

In this level, between the compile and source code level, build flags and directives may be used to tune the available options of performance specifically in the source code level and compiler.

Compile level

Using an optimizing compiler usually tends to make sure that the executable programs are optimized. These programs are at least optimized as much as the compiler can be able to predict.

Assembly level

This is where the assembly language is used. The assembly language is designed purposely for a certain hardware platform that has the ability to produce the efficient and also compact codes if in case the original programmer takes the advantage of a full repertoire of the machine instructions.

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