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The Mobile Applications

The Intechcore Company offers full-cycle mobile platform development services

The Intechcore Company is expanding its line of the provided services and is offering its customers a comprehensive suite of mobile platform development and integration products.

To date we are ready to offer our clients the mobile platform development services of all kinds of types and formats, depending on your business needs. The development of entertainment and business applications, oriented to work with the social networks and GIS applications, and other mobile applications are among a range of the Company’s products offers.
We provide a full range of the software development services for mobile devices, which include application design and programming, cross-platform development, quality control work and documentation.

Mobile Applications development does refer to the set or procedures and processes involved in the writing of programs or software for wireless, small computing devices such as tablets and Smartphones. The mobile applications developed during this process are commonly known as apps. The applications developed from this process are more often than not written to take full advantage of a unique or set of unique features that a particular mobile device does provide. A good example is a gaming app that’s developed specifically to take advantage of the accelerometer of an iPhone.

The Intechcore Company guarantees its customers providing the aggregate result that meets the level of the leading European standards.

There are 3 major types of apps currently in the market. The first type is called a native app. This refers to applications that have been developed for a specific platform such as Android or iOs using languages and software development tools that are supported by these platforms. In the mobile application development of native apps, the software code is written at a very low level for that particular processor running in the device. A native app cannot therefore run in multiple platforms and will have to be rewritten so as to achieve this.

The second type of apps is the HTML5 app. These apps are based on the almost universal standards of leading web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML5. These apps adopt the write once run anywhere approach to mobile applications development. They are generally cross platform and normally require very minimal changes to ensure optimum performance on any operating system or platform.

Hybrid apps on the other hand are a mix of the first two apps. It normally involves the creation of a container in the native system where the app will be expected to run and then making it possible for an HTML5 app to be embedded within it. This arrangement allows the app to fully utilize the unique features of the hosting or native operating system and still enjoy the overall efficiency and effectiveness afforded by the HTML5 apps.

The development of these apps does require the developers to access SDKs (Software Development Kits) which offer them an environment where they (Programmers or Developers) can design and test the code they have written in a simulated mobile environment. To develop apps for the iOS does require one to pay for a developer’s license whereas to develop an app for Android, the Android SDK is available online at no cost.

We are ready to create mobile applications for Android and iOS as well as for Bada OS and J2ME (if you wish it).

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