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Outsourcing of software development

Attached to the project requirements Intechcore can offer you software development at significantly lower costs.

Depending on the situation and your environmental characteristics we can offer you the real qualified outsourcing model, which includes the software development in the Eastern Europe countries. Neither the quality, nor the functionality will be impaird: Intechcore works closely with local specialists and guarantees identical products. Intechcore coordinates all processes and local competent partners activities, and assures the endresults achivement at a given timeframe.

Quality made by Intechcore.

Software development outsourcing framework

The outsoursing

  • is leaded by Intechcore project management (Munich, Germany)
  • at desired technical implementation: localy in office or remotely
  • with transparent reporting about all project progress steps
  • in compliance with firm policies related to the source code.

Under all circumstances the following aspects are guaranteed:

  • improved high quality through the use of modern technologies
  • quick response
  • periodic project progress reconciliations with client
  • automatic software testing (e.g. based on JUnit).

It is not possible for every company to employ all types of professionals. It is very expensive to employ professionals from IT sector. Almost every field nowadays needs support of IT services and so professionals from this field are in great demand. They command very high salaries in the job market. Hiring an IT professional on permanent basis makes sense only if services of that professional will be used most of the time during working hours. Otherwise, employing a highly qualified IT professional can prove very expensive. It is mainly because of this reason that IT outsourcing is preferred by most companies. It helps save money and has many other advantages as well.

It is difficult to find qualified IT professionals. By outsourcing complex and high end IT works to an outside agency, a business can hire the best of IT personnel. Once a person is hired on permanent basis then the company is stuck with that person. However, there is no such disadvantage with outsourcing where a company can hire the best talent available in the market. The professionals can be hired as and when needed. IT professionals working in the outsourcing industry bring superior technological capabilities.

Your benefits in regard to outsourcing:

  • No need temporally to extend your own resources
  • During software development process you can use your own resources for another projects.

A business can be operated 24/7 with the help of IT outsourcing. Even when the company office remains closed during non-working hours, its websites and networked systems keep functioning. Customers and clients never experience any problem. A company saves money on IT infrastructure by outsourcing IT services. It also saves money on furniture needed for IT employees. It does not have to rent premium office space in the central business area of the city. If a company is suddenly inundated with lots of jobs then it can lose clients if it cannot complete all those works on time. This problem can avoided easily with the help of outsourcing. Large volume of works can be outsourced to a big outsourcing agency or to multiple outsourcing agencies.

Customers and clients worry about the quality of work, cost and how fast their works are completed. They are not interested in knowing how a company completes their jobs. It is due to these reasons that IT outsourcing has gained so much popularity among all types of businesses.

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