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forumSTAR-Text is a text system for the German legal authorities

The Intechcore Company specializes in the designing text systems, records management and document management systems. Today, thanks to the years of experience of working in this segment, we have knowledge and project portfolio that are one and only in this field.

Over the last several years, our company has been implementing the major projects in this area against the German government institutions order. At the moment, we provide customer support and further development of the forumSTAR-Text system – the software that controls and optimizes documentation flow for the General Attorney’s Department of Bavaria and arbitral and judicial authorities.

Intechcore Forum Star Text

Despite the Intechcore Company was registered in 2008 , our team has been involved in this huge project since its starting point in 2001. We created the software forumSTAR-Text powered by Java platform that is now the basis for creation of documents in the largest German legislatures.

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