Proof of Concept in Software Development

The term Proof of Concept is severally used by software developers for describing the processes, objectives and the roles of the participants. But before knowing more about the use of Proof of Concept in software development you should know basic things about the Proof of Concept as given here under.

The Proof of Concept can be defined as a principle of realization of certain ideas or methods to reveal its viability or a principle of demonstration with a purpose of verifying the probable capabilities of being useful about some concepts. The Proof of Concept usually remains incomplete and small as it may or may not be completed in most of the cases.

Reasons to use Proof of Concept by software developers

A Proof of Concept can generally be used in early development cycle of a software or to sell the concept of the software. Validation of technical feasibility, identification of the possible expectations from a platform, identification of potential stumbling blocks and determination of the scope and customization level required necessarily to complete a project are some of the concepts of early development cycle of a software where PoC can be used.

Software developers can also use PoC to identify performance issues of the project. These days most of the software developers compositely assemble various applications and solutions by using the functions and services offered by other applications by using certain integration points. These integration points are used in the overall context of the software to test them with trial products. It also helps in validating the assumptions regarding the possibilities provided by the framework or platform.

In this way the results provided by the use of Proof of Concept include the confidence factors of technical feasibility along with the factors influencing the overall estimate of the efforts as well as scope of efforts.

Tips to create an effective PoC project

  • While creating an effective you are required to prepare a PoC project along with documents covering the projects functional and technical approach. The tips provided here under can help you in creating an effective PoC project.
  • The software developers who are going to use Proof of Concept in software development should create the same architecture for PoC project
  • If security is one of the main issues for a project then they should use exciting graphic interface to design a login page.
  • They should also create all the possible menus and tabs including search, home-page with logo and the links for the other sub-functions of the project.
  • The developers can use different pages to show the looks of the project after login as it depends upon the roles if the concept of home and other pages is based on the roles of the users.
  • Use of dashboard when required
  • They can also use PoC to create one or two pages or modules to show the procedures of designing and developing the modules or pages and the scope of their mutual linking. But the pages thus created should be among the most important sections of this application.
  • The developers should create a sample report with an exciting feel and looks, if they are including certain reports in their project, so that their clients can understand the procedures of producing results.
  • They should use PoC to create sample graph, if your project includes certain graphs.
  • After going through the reasons of using Proof of Concept in software development it can be concluded easily that all the features of your project should be covered by PoC so that one can easily understand his achievements after starting production.

Creating PoC Documentation

The entire design of the software project should be explained thoroughly in the documentation of you PoC. Following points with brief description can be included in PoC documentation.

  • The details of architecture to be used in software development
  • The third party tools and all the technologies to be used in software development can be added to this documentation, explaining the reasons of choosing them.
  • All the modules to be developed can be included in PoC documentations with brief details of its functionality
  • The methods used for ensuring the security of the project can also be included in this documentation.
  • Each and every menu used in the PoC project can also be explained in it.

Thus Proof of Concept can be used correctly in software development by following the tips provided in this write-up.