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Quality Control by Intechcore

Quality Control and V-Model XT Methodology

The company “Intercore” pays special attention to the quality control of software development and implementation at every stage of the project. For this goals(target) we have successfully been applying the V-Model XT methodology since 2009, which allows us to meet the high quality standards at every stage of our work.

V-Model methodology is a generally accepted standard of setting up and launching the projects in the field of information technology, officially recognized in Germany.The operational principle of the model consists  of a detailed separation and the processes distribution into the module blocks, which allows monitoring the quality during the whole project. The new version of XT was released in 2005. It was developed on the basis of the latest researches in the field of information technology. XT represents the updated and improved variantion(version) of the classical V-Model methodology. Due to its module concept the V-Model can easily be adapted to the projects of any degree of complexity and of any scale.

Apart from the use of the V-Model methodology, we maintain the high quality standards of our work owing to the following factors:

  • The demands and expectations of our customers are of paramount importance for us. The awareness of the customers’ needs enables us to take the decisions that meet their requirements.
  • The constant professional training and educating of our team contributes to the successful implementation and competent appliance of the latest up-to-date methods and programs for the benefit of our customers.
  • We always meet the deadlines.
  • At the planning stage we clearly specify the necessary quality indicators in order to later measure the outcomes as precise as possible, and decide upon whether any changes or rework are necessary.
  • In the process of work we permanently test the current product to make sure the quality remains on required level.
  • Upon completing the project we carry out the final testing and the full-scale software audit.

Having considered all the above mentioned our customers can be sure to get an effective software, which perfectly satisfies their demands and meets their business requirements.