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Scell (Scalable Cell) is a worthy alternative to the established electronic worksheets‘-format!

The Intechcore Company introduces to the market a new product, Scell, which allows the end users and developers to take new advantages, high-end technologies and modern features, working in an established worksheets‘-format.
Scell is a new Java-based component, adapted to work with Microsoft Excel files in xlsx format (open format XML). Scell can be easily integrated into any Java Scala or SWT application. Currently Scell offers the design engineers all acts and techniques needed to manage and process the documentation procedure‘s data. Scell has the advantage of a potent reliability and performance and an ease of integration that allows the end-user to work in a familiar worksheets‘-format.
Among other Scell benefits are its independence from operating system, rich interface, multimedia, on-line operation ability, special effects and advanced features. All these advantages are available to you after installation Scell assisted Java + Java FX.
Currently, we are bringing to the market two versions of the final product.
The first option is actually Scell-component description of an API and guidance to its integration. The second option, providing absence of the additional costs and licenses, offers Scell-component as the stand alone application, ready to install. It is the optimal solution for the end-users, who are looking for an alternative to the established electronic worksheets.


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